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Gymnastics Fitness & Fun - TEAM A3 Gymnastics

Seasonal Camp - Dance & Cheer Basics

Meet Hosting

Fitness and Fun


Program Features:

  • Gymnastics Workout (Cardio, Dance, Plyometrics, Body Shaping)

  • Flexibility & Strength Training

  • Basic Tumbling & Trampoline Skills

  • Basic Gymnastics Skill Training on All Apparatus

  • Basic Dance Training

  • Skill Training and Progression

  • Group and Team Building Activities

  • Fun and Exciting Active Games

  • Sportsmanship and Self-Discipline

Team Gymnastics


Program Features:

  • Beginner to Advanced Gymnastics 

  • Strength, Conditioning & Flexibility, Speed & Agility Training

  • Gymnastics and Dance Terminology

  • Individualized Progression with Emphasis on Effort, Commitment, Focus, and Self Discipline

  • Team Building and Sportsmanship

  • Meets Throughout the Year with Participation Opportunities for All Members

Summer Camp

Program Features:

  • No Experience Through Advanced

  • Courteous and Professional Staff

  • City Sponsored Breakfast & Lunch

  • Daily Gymnastics, Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility training 

  • Academic Support on Summer Assignments

  • Sports Sciences: Nutrition Sports Psychology, Anatomy

  • Critical Education, Self-Discipline

  • Arts & Crafts, Dance indoor Games

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