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Fitness and Fun

Recreational Gymnastics Classes
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Due to Covid19 we are operating on a

modified, limited class schedule.

Fitness & Fun classes are designed for girls age five and above who enjoy gymnastics. All classes feature:

  • Gymnastics Workout (cardio, dance, plyometrics, body shaping)

  • Flexibility & Strength Training

  • Basic Tumbling & Trampoline Skills

  • Basic Gymnastics Skill Training on All Apparatus

Students workout 45-minutes to two hours per week with times available for family convenience. Fitness & Fun classes run year-round.


Team A3

Competitive Gymnastics Team

  Gymnasts are at the top when it comes to body strength and flexibility. Our female athletes are confident and socially well-adjusted. They are constantly setting goals, have high levels of commitment,  and are always raising the bar on their amazing achievements. (Pun intended.) Our gymnasts are well-traveled. They gain focused and develop organizational skills at very early ages. 

     Research shows that gymnasts tend to do better in school than their peers. Educational goals are strongly supported at A3. Gymnastics is the sport for the ‘thinking’ girl. They are inspired to demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and be fierce competitors!

Competitive Gymnastics Team A3 Xcel Bronze
  • 6 hours per week

  • Girls age 6 & above (younger if potential shown)

  • Beginner to Advanced gymnastics (Uneven Parallel Bars, Vault, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise); Tumbling & Trampoline; Dance training

  • Strength, conditioning & flexibility, speed & agility training

  • Gymnastics education, terminology & sportsmanship

  • Individualized progression with emphasis on effort, commitment, focus, and self discipline

  • Meets throughout the year.

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