Scholarship Program

     Coach Iya founded and directs the A3 Youth Gymnastics Scholarship Fund. A 501(c)3 subordinate organization under the Amateur Athletic Union. The A3YGSF has provided low to no-cost tuition for competitive athletes with financial need.

     The A3YGSF has garnered support from private philanthropists, local government and small businesses, as well as long-standing women's organizations such as The North Jersey Chapter Links, Women’s Enterprise Action Loan Fund (WEALF), and Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership (IFEL).


to A3 Youth Gymnastics Scholarship Fund 

     Thank you for taking action to support the growth and development of young, healthy, optimistic citizens. Our young girls are especially in need of our helping hands. No good deed is too small.


All good deeds lead to a Greater Sustainable Good.


     Donations made via USPS may be mailed to the address below. Save a tree. Include a small note with your email address. Once received, we will email you a receipt for tax purposes. Your email address will remain private and will only be used for this purpose. If you do not receive your receipt via email, please email with the words "Scholarship Receipt" in the subject line. Also, please indicate if you'd prefer your donation remain private. Visit us on Facebook for updates on our student's progress and other fundraising events, or, stop by! You're always welcomed. We'd love to have your visit our Academy and see for yourself, why we're so passionate about what we do and why we appreciate your support. 

    Thank you and have a brilliant day!

   Coach Iya


Mail to:
Athletic Arts Academy
PO Box 968
Orange, NJ 07051-0968
attn: A3YGSF



The Lighthouse Donor Club

     A lighthouse is something you'd never expect to see in an urban environment. Our Artistic Gymnastics training academy is something that hasn't existed in the Orange area for over 50 years. Today, it still is something no one expects to see in this urban environment.

     Lighthouse Donors are important because their financial support help light the way for youth to benefit from the sport of gymnastics from disadvantaged neighborhoods and economically challenged households. 

     Lighthouse Donors are individuals who give a little or a lot. When helping a young person become the best they can be, a little light on the endeavor means a great deal.

Call or E-mail 



23 South Essex Avenue

Suite B

Orange, NJ 07050